Meet Dr. Nicole Folland

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Dr. Nicole Folland specializes in motivating young, aspiring, and elite athletes to maximize their athletic and academic performance and push their boundaries. Dr. Folland’s passion for transforming the lives of young people led her to complete a Ph.D. in Developmental Psychology, Neuroscience & Behaviour.

Dr. Folland believes that in order to achieve prime athletic performance, individuals must cultivate a strong connection between the mind and body. She inspires her clients to build a foundation of self-belief, balance, motivation, perseverance and self-awareness to develop a deeper sense of confidence in their abilities.

With a focus on mental skills training and goal-oriented attitudes and behaviours, she assists young individuals in shaping their future and fostering healthy and successful relationships with themselves, their family and their coaches. Dr. Folland is committed to developing adolescents and young adults who possess the emotional tools and mental focus to thrive in post-secondary education, college-level/NCAA athletics, professional sport activity, and the challenges of adult life.

Dr. Folland has experience working with a wide variety of high performance sports including hockey, dance, rowing, swimming, golf, tennis, lacrosse, equestrian hunter/jumper, barrel racing and dressage disciplines, among others. She has helped male and female athletes at the middle-school, high-school, NCAA and Olympic level unlock their potential and turn dreams into reality.

Dr. Folland also believes in the importance of building strong community leaders that advocate for causes they are passionate about. As a teenager, Dr. Folland was awarded the Lieutenant Governor’s Community Volunteer Award. Since then she has continued to donate her time to many organizations both locally and globally. Currently she is the Vice-Chair of the MLSE Foundation Game Changers Executive Board. The Game Changers strive to improve the lives of youth by building facilities, giving to sustainable programs and empowering youth through sports and recreation.

For nearly two decades Dr. Folland competed on both national and international stages as a professional dancer winning accolades such as North American Performer of the Year. In 2006, she represented Team Canada at the International Dance Organization’s World Championships of Dance in Riesa, Germany. With a 6th overall finish, Dr. Folland was the first Canadian female to advance through all rounds of competition and earn a spot in the finals. Her commitment to competitive sport has helped shape her understanding of the physical and mental demands of elite youth sport.

After transitioning out of competitive dance, Dr. Folland embarked on fulfilling her lifelong dream of becoming an equestrian dressage rider. She is currently training under the tutelage of several Canadian Olympians and has competed both locally and in Wellington, Florida.

Dr. Folland’s practice is rooted in both academic and practical experience. Her positive energy and innovative approach empowers clients to harness their physical and mental strengths driving excellence in sport, academic pursuits and life.